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Eternal lyrics, Eternal lyrics şarkıları, Eternal lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.12 Months 103
2.A Friend Is A Friend 162
3.All My Love 95
4.Amazing Grace 173
5.Angel Of Mine 106
6.Black Or White 189
7.Crazy 101
8.Don't Make Me Wait 107
9.Don't Say Goodbye 94
10.Don't You Love Me 100
11.Dont Make Me Wait 112
12.Faith in Love 133
13.Finally 106
14.Good Thing 92
15.Grace Under Pressure 122
16.How Many Tears 168
17.Hurry Up 124
18.I Am Blessed 103
19.I Wanna Be The Only One 114
20.I'll Be There 103
21.I'm Still Crying 124
22.If You Need Me Tonight 110
23.Ill Be There 98
24.It Will Never End 160
25.It's Never Too Late 102
26.Just A Step From Heaven 107
27.Let's Stay Together 172
28.Might As Well Be Me 126
29.Never Gonna Give You Up 118
30.Oh Baby I Need You So 106
31.Oh Baby I... 71
32.Power of a Woman 98
33.Promises 155
34.Redemption Song 107
35.Save Our Love 115
36.Secrets 118
37.So Good 109
38.Someday 154
39.Stay 115
40.Sweet Funky Thing 106
41.Telling You Now 123
42.Think About Me 145
43.This Love Is For Real 100
44.This Love's For Real 102
45.This Loves For Real 117
46.Up To You 159
47.What Do You Mean When You Say 102
48.Who Are You? 1
49.Why Am I Waiting 104
50.Your Smile 98