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Emerson Drive lyrics, Emerson Drive lyrics şarkıları, Emerson Drive lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.Blind Faith 170
2.Easy Street 132
3.Evidence 175
4.Fall Into Me 163
5.Fishin' In The Dark 108
6.Hard Labour Of Love 124
7.He Hopes She Knows 107
8.Heaven Is Wherever You Are 119
9.Hollywood Kiss 113
10.Hopeless Guy 164
11.How Lucky I Am 119
12.I Just Wanna Have You 157
13.I See Heaven 155
14.I See You Now 116
15.I Should Be Sleeping 116
16.I'll Die Trying 111
17.If You Were My Girl 113
18.It's All About You 112
19.Its All About You 134
20.Last One Standing 115
21.Lemonade 132
22.Light of day 121
23.Looking Over My Shoulder 117
24.Love's A Trip 110
25.My Best Lover Was My Best Friend 160
26.November 136
27.One Of A Kind 109
28.Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You) 105
29.Passionate, Desperate Love 114
30.Peace Country Boys 112
31.Redneck Highway 101 111
32.Rescued 173
33.Running Back To You 123
34.Say My Name 163
35.Season Of Goodbye 111
36.Simple Miracles 114
37.Some Trains Never Come 117
38.Still Got Yesterday 120
39.Stone Angel 196
40.Take It From Me 121
41.Tonight She Just Wants To Dance 113
42.Waitin' On Me 106
43.Waiting On Me 116
44.What About Now 107
45.what If? 2