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Embrace lyrics, Embrace lyrics şarkıları, Embrace lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.3 Is a Magic Number 147
2.A Glorious Day 138
3.All You Good Good People 129
4.Blind 244
5.Brothers And Sisters 137
6.Bunker Song 293
7.Butter Wouldn't Melt 186
8.Come Back to What You Know 140
9.Come On And Smile 146
10.Don't Turn Your Back On Love 148
11.Drawn From Memory 138
12.Dry Kids 323
13.Feelings I Thought You Shared 137
14.Fireworks 226
15.Free Ride 224
16.Get On Board 294
17.Happiness Will Get You In The End 133
18.Happy and Lost 307
19.Hey, What You Trying To Say 138
20.Higher Sights 146
21.Hooligan 155
22.I Had A Time 145
23.I Hope You're Happy Now 140
24.I Know What's Going On 176
25.I Want The World 138
26.I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You 134
27.I've Been Running 132
28.If You Feel Like A Sinner 150
29.If You've Never Been In Love With Anything 132
30.It's Gonna Take Time 135
31.Last Gas 250
32.Liars Tears 145
33.Like A Believer 140
34.Love Is Back 127
35.Make It Last 140
36.Many Will Learn 154
37.My Weakness Is None of Your Business 145
38.New Adam New Eve 139
39.Now You're Nobody 201
40.One Big Family 140
41.Over 150
42.Perfect Way 134
43.Retread 136
44.Satellites 137
45.Save Me 235
46.Still So Young 266
47.Tap On Your Shoulder 134
48.That's All Changed Forever 135
49.The First Cut 139
50.The Good Will OUt 132
51.The Last Gas 139
52.The Love It Takes 125
53.The Way I Do 146
54.Today 136
55.Wonder 152
56.Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You 135
57.Yeah You 200
58.You Don't Amount To Anything This Time 133
59.You Have Only Got to Stop to Get Better 143
60.You're Not Alone 132
61.You've Gotta Say Yes 139
62.You've Only Got To Stop To Get Better 180
63.Youve Got to Say Yes 123