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Ethel Waters lyrics, Ethel Waters lyrics şarkıları, Ethel Waters lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.After All These Years 154
2.At The New Jump Steady Ball 148
3.Bring Me Your Greenbacks 141
4.Brown Baby 165
5.Dinah 238
6.Don't Blame Me 316
7.Dont Blame Me 180
8.Down Home Blues 151
9.Dying With The Blues 168
10.Ev'rybody Mess Aroun' 169
11.Evrybody Mess Aroun 135
12.Georgia Blues 222
13.Get Up Off Your Knees 152
14.Heat Wave 292
15.Heebie Jeebies 390
16.I Wonder What's Become Of Joe 151
17.I'm Saving It All For You 232
18.I've Found A New Baby 140
19.If You Can't Hold The Man You Love 143
20.Jazzin' Babies Blues 141
21.Kind Lovin Blues 139
22.Kind Lovin' Blues 160
23.Kiss Your Baby Nice 141
24.Loud Speaking Papa 153
25.Make Me A Pallet On The Floor 157
26.Maybe Not At All 155
27.Memphis Man 155
28.Midnight Blues 262
29.My Handy Man 162
30.No Man's Mamma 170
31.Oh Daddy 153
32.Oh Joe, Play That Trombone 159
33.One Man Nan 152
34.Organ Grinder Blues 141
35.Refrigeratin' Papa (Mama's Gonna Warm You Up) 142
36.Satisfyin' Papa 167
37.Shake That Thing 138
38.Shine on Harvest Moon 175
39.Stormy Weather 142
40.Sugar 146
41.Sweet Georgia Brown 226
42.Sweet Man 155
43.Tell 'Em About Me 150
44.That Da Da Strain 149
45.The New York Glide 241
46.There'll Be Some Changes Made 152
47.Therell Be Some Changes Made 145
48.Three Little Words 306
49.Throw Dirt In Your Face 147
50.You Can't Do What My Last Man Did 138
51.You'll Want Me Back 131