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Element 101 lyrics, Element 101 lyrics şarkıları, Element 101 lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.20 Years In The Making 160
2.A Faithful Fascination 203
3.A Galaxy Apart 151
4.A Song 209
5.A Wish For You 152
6.Angel Blue Eyes 159
7.Between Now And Then 199
8.Dead Romance Language Club 127
9.Fade Away 208
10.In My Heart And On My Mind 136
11.Introspective 130
12.Jersey Never Seemed So Long 227
13.Just To Like You 122
14.Keeping Secrets 151
15.Leaving Me Before The Spring Semester 171
16.Love Has No Sound 203
17.My Darkest Night 150
18.Only In Pictures 129
19.Preconceived Notions 148
20.Private Conversations 149
21.Skyline Silhouettes 137
22.So Unperdictable 212
23.So Unpredictable 150
24.Some Chances Are Worth Taking 201
25.Something Like A Dream 124
26.Standing On The Edge Of Midnight 200
27.Standing On The Edge Of Night 137
28.Stop Breathing 140
29.The Fragile 148
30.This Time Around 120
31.To Whom It May Concern 196
32.Today And Always 145
33.Under The Ocean 142
34.You Never Cease to Amaze Me 147