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Edition New lyrics, Edition New lyrics şarkıları, Edition New lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.A Little Bit Of Love 131
2.A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes) 139
3.A Million To One 143
4.A Thousand Miles Away 160
5.All For Love 229
6.Baby Love 153
7.Been So Long 144
8.Best Man 224
9.Blue Moon 385
10.Boys To Men 134
11.Bring Back The Memories 142
12.Can You Stand The Rain 154
13.Candy Girl 152
14.Come Home With Me 155
15.Competition 164
16.Cool It Now 156
17.Count Me Out 159
18.Crucial 125
19.Delicious 139
20.Duke Of Earl 150
21.Earth Angel 175
22.Girlfriend 278
23.Give Love On Christmas Day 151
24.Hear Me Out 148
25.Helplessly In Love 131
26.Hey There Lonely Girl 139
27.Hit Me Off 144
28.Hit Me Off 168
29.Home Again 135
30.Home Again 136
31.How Do You Like Your Love Served 149
32.I'm Leaving You Again 136
33.I'm Still In Love With You 133
34.I'm Still in Love With You 152
35.If It Isn't Love 159
36.Introduction 224
37.Is This The End 148
38.It's Christmas (All Over The World) 125
39.Kinda Girls We Like 135
40.Last Time 133
41.Leave Me 155
42.Let's Be Friends 284
43.Lost In Love 140
44.Maryann 134
45.Mr. Telephone Man 127
46.My Prerogative 141
47.Newness 151
48.Oh Yeah, It Feels So Good 143
49.Oh, Yeah, It Feels So Good 142
50.Old Friends 147
51.On Our Own 139
52.Once In A Lifetime Groove 142
53.One More Day 216
54.One More Day 142
55.School 143
56.Sensitivity 148
57.Sexy Lady 150
58.Shop Around 146
59.Since I Don't Have You 235
60.Singing Merry Christmas 141
61.Something About You 163
62.Something About You 148
63.Start Turnin' Me On 141
64.Superlady 232
65.Sweet Thing 148
66.Tears On My Pillow 130
67.Tighten It Up 230
68.Try Again 146
69.When Will I See You Smile Again? 0
70.Where It All Started 147
71.Whispers In Bed 140
72.Who Do You Trust 135
73.With You All The Way 136
74.You Don't Have To Worry 137
75.You Don't Have To Worry 140