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Edie Brickell lyrics, Edie Brickell lyrics şarkıları, Edie Brickell lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.10,000 Angels 118
2.Air Of December 125
3.Beat The Time 117
4.Black And Blue 118
5.But I Know I'll Be Fine Just As Soon As I Let Go 290
6.Came A Long Way 132
7.Carmelito 141
8.Circle 226
9.Circle Of Friends 136
10.Do You Wonder Where You Are? 0
11.Forgiven 128
12.Ghost Of A Dog 281
13.Good Times 131
14.Hard Times 132
15.He Said 129
16.I Do 251
17.I'd Be Surprised 158
18.In The Bath 118
19.Keep Coming Back 276
20.Little Miss S 155
21.Lost In The Moment 120
22.Love Like We Do 160
23.Mama Help Me 127
24.Me By The Sea 130
25.More Than Friends 126
26.Not Saying Goodbye 166
27.Nothing 137
28.Now 228
29.Oak Cliff Bra 150
30.Olivia 167
31.Once In A Blue Moon 141
32.Oo La La 143
33.Picture Perfect Morning 135
34.Rush Around 228
35.She 255
36.Songs We Used To Sing 141
37.Stay Awhile 240
38.Strings Of Love 135
39.Stwisted 222
40.Take A Walk 151
41.The One Who Went Away 148
42.The Wheel 139
43.This Eye 129
44.Times Like This 122
45.Tomorrow Comes 131
46.Volcano 129
47.What I Am 123
48.What Would You Do 141
49.When The Lights Go Down 127
50.Woyaho 114