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Ed Harcourt lyrics, Ed Harcourt lyrics şarkıları, Ed Harcourt lyrics şarkı sözleri
1.All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed 117
2.Apple Of My Eye 115
3.Beneath The Heart Of Darkness 106
4.Birds Fly Backwards 170
5.Bittersweetheart 104
6.Black Dress 163
7.Bleed A River Deep 102
8.Born In The 70's 110
9.Crimson Tears 235
10.Fireflies Take Flight 166
11.From Every Sphere 114
12.Ghost Writer 163
13.God Protect Your Soul 104
14.Hanging With The Wrong Crowd 105
15.Jetsetter 169
16.Kids (Rise from the Ashes) 106
17.Let Love Not Weigh Me Down 107
18.Like Only Lovers Can 122
19.Loneliness 117
20.MetaphoricallyYours 107
21.Open Book 128
22.Shanghai 110
23.She Fell Into My Arms 116
24.Sister Renee 158
25.Sleepyhead 263
26.Something In My Eye 114
27.Something to Live For 112
28.Strangers 115
29.The Birds Will Sing For Us 179
30.The Music Box 112
31.The Storm Is Coming 167
32.The Trapdoor 99
33.This One's for You 121
34.Watching The Sun Come Up 126
35.Wind Through The Trees 104